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Eye Diseases


I think it’s nice that prospective patients are open, curious and investigative when considering acupuncture, and credit should be given for considering it as a viable, potential option.

If you feel that your specific health condition requires or demands a deeper measure of expertise (or if that is your initial preference), feel free to continue reading below.

*  Keen

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I’ve been struggling 13 years to manage type 2 diabetes, have been thoroughly educated by
Kaiser, managed it well HA1C 6.4 but the neuropathy, numbness, water retention, lymphedema just kept on coming. Diuretics were causing kidney damage and I had allergic reactions to pain medication. My feet were so swollen sometimes I could only wear post op sandals

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I love Dr. Li.  She helped me have a  baby at 41.  I had two miscarriages before trying acupuncture.  Although I did not hold much hope of it working, after a two months of sessions and taking the pills she recommended I became pregnant and gave birth to a beautiful little girl in January.  I am hoping to get

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Neck pain and painful menstrutation


6 years ago I injured my right shoulder and pulled out a rib on my right side. I was unable to fix the problem properly so the injury spread up my neck and started causing me migraines that were awful. After finally listening to my intuition to see an acupuncturist I searched for the most qualified acupuncturist in my

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