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I’ve been struggling 13 years to manage type 2 diabetes, have been thoroughly educated by
Kaiser, managed it well HA1C 6.4 but the neuropathy, numbness, water retention, lymphedema just kept on coming. Diuretics were causing kidney damage and I had allergic reactions to pain medication. My feet were so swollen sometimes I could only wear post op sandals and couldn’t get into my shoes which are 5EEEEE width! My neurologist referred me for acupuncture for pain and I had the good fortune of meeting Dr. Hongyan Li. I’ve had 7 treatments with her, I am able to deal with the pain and actually sleep 6 to 8 hours a night! To my surprise my feet and ankles are back to almost normal size and my shoes fit! She has improved my circulation and I am able to walk normal distances again! She has prescribed 3 herbal formulas that have caused my body to create & utilize insulin more efficiently making me less insulin resistant. Another to help with the water retention/ lymphedema and also one that is an all natural sleep medication that is helping me sleep much better with no negative side effects! Her expert knowledge of the human body, circulation and herbal medicine have changed my life by keeping my mobility and given me hope when all other treatment were failing.

Ron D. Los Angeles, CA

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