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Degenerative Arthritis

Degenerative arthritis is chronic articular disease characterized by degeneration of articular cartilage. It occurs when the tendon and bone are deprived of nourishment and warmth or circulation of qi and blood is blocked, with the symptoms of arthralgia and joint dysfunction. It generally results from insufficiency of kidney with marrow deficiency, yang deficiency with cold accumulation, and qi stagnation with blood stasis. The disease can be classified into primary and secondary types. The primary type occur in old people, and commonly in weight-bearing joints such as cervical spin, lumbar spine, hip, knee and ankle joints. The secondary type occur follow congenital or acquired deformity of joint, articular injury and arthritis.

Treatment based on syndrome differentiation:

-Syndrome of insufficiency of kidney with marrow deficiency -> tx : nourish kidney yin, replenish the essence and marrow

-Syndrome of yang deficiency with cold accumulation -> tx: tonify kidney and strengthen yang, drain collaterals and expelling cold

-Syndrome of blokage of stagnant blood -> tx: promoting blood flow to remove stasis, drain collaterals to stop pain

Meridian points and Ashi points around the joint can be selected for tx.

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