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Stiff Neck

Stiff neck, is a postural injury resulting from long term neck muscle and torsion of small articulation of cervical spine. It is often caused by excessive deviation or over-turn of head on a high, low pillow, or unfavorable gesture during sleep. Invasion of pathogenic wind and cold on neck is also a common factor. For example, cold attack in winter or indulgence in coolness on midsummer may lead to invasion of exogenous pathogenic wind and cold on the neck, which can cause stagnation of qi and blood and blockage of meridians in the muscle of neck. As a result, rigidity, pain and dysfunction of neck will occur. The disease occurs mostly in young adults during spring and winter season. A natural cure can be gained within several days in mild cases. And in severe cases, it can last up to several weeks.

Treatment based on syndrome differentiation:

-Syndrome of blockage of pathogenic wind and cold -> tx: expel pathogenic wind and cold, relax tendon and dredge collaterals

-Syndrome of stagnation of qi and blood -> tx: promote blood to resolve stasis, activate qi flow to stop pain

Herbs for tx: Duhuo Jisheng Pill, Fengshi Bitong PIll, Huoxue Zhitong Capsule


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