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Osteoporosis is a disease with decrease of general bones, manifesting with decreased bone weight per unit, inadequate production of organic components of bone and decrease of calcium deposition. The disease is classified into two types: primary and secondary. Primary osteoporosis mostly occurs in old people or postmenopausal women, which is related to hypofunction of genital gland and decreased exercise. Secondary osteoporosis may occur in people of any age; and its development is related to decreased activity, weight loss, nutritional deficiency, hormone dysregulations, decreased sexual hormones, liver and kidney disease or uses of medications such as heparin, corticosteroid, etc.

Treatment based on syndrome differentiation:

-Syndrome of deficiency of spleen qi -> tx: strengthen spleen and replenish qi

-Syndrome of deficiency of kidney yin -> tx: nourish yin and reinforce kidney and strengthen bone

-Syndrome of blockage of qi activity -> tx: regulate qi to alleviate pain

Herbs for tx: Duhuo Jisheng Pill, Jianbu Huqian Pill, Liuwei Dihuang Pill

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