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Dr Hongyan Li is nothing short of a miracle worker and I would highly recommend her to anyone seeking to improve their health.  Unlike many traditional physicians, Dr Li sincerely listened to my concerns with professional compassion and explained what I could expect from the treatments.

Although I scheduled my initial appt because I wanted to lose weight and

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I am so very grateful to Dr. Li. She is compassionate, caring and extremely knowledgeable and experienced. I had a hemorrhagic stroke on December 28, 2014 and was in the hospital and a rehab facility for 9 weeks. I had lost the use of my left side. i began acupuncture treatments with her in March for seven months,

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I have been seeing Dr Li for about 6 months for help with dealing with stress.  I was skeptical of acupuncture, but I didn’t want to deal with traditional “western medicine” treatments and the possible side effects.

Under Dr. Li’s compassionate and thorough care, I’ve been doing great.  No side effects from the acupuncture treatments and the recommended

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Anxiety, and Knee pain

Dr Li is knowledgeable and friendly and will try to accommodate your financial and health needs. Dr Li also offers potent Chinese herbs coupled with her extensive knowledge of acupuncture and other forms of traditional Chinese medicine. Dr Li can achieve physical outcomes that western medicine treats only with harmful prescription medication, or not at all. If you

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