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Palpitation, Weight Loss, Diabetics

I wanted to express my gratitude for your excellent efforts in treating me for weight loss, diabetics and palpitation

As you may remember, I came to you when I feel a short of breath, I reject to visit my family doctor but you. Your acupuncture treatment made my palpitation gone completely. Then my weight loss, lost 7 pounds after the 1st treatment.  Now with your acupuncture treatment and herbal medicine, my blood sugar gradually dropped to normal.

I am blessed with all of the great things happened to me since i see Dr. Li. I deeply appreciated your dedication,
wonderful demeanor, high intelligence, keen instincts, and great sense of humor. You always joke at me “your body was made for acupuncture and herbal medicine.”

I have recommended Dr.Li to friends & associates when traditional medicine has not worked for them.

Mary M

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