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Chest Pain

I had a really bad case lung infection that I’m still suffering from, which my Doctor assures me that my x-rays are clear and that my symptoms will go away eventually?! What!!. My Dr. Just wanted to give me pain pills and anti-inflammatory. I have since change my diet which has helped but still somewhat suffering. I’ve learned thru my nutrionist that my insurance covers alternative medicine – acupuncture, which is consider safe since I didn’t want to take so many pills from my Dr. it would be something to consider. In search of a good acupuncturist I came across Dr. Li which my insurance covers. I’m not going to lie but I was a bit skeptical about needles over my body lol. But since several treatments, my pain has improved that I could now fall asleep comfortable without pain, which before I couldn’t. She knows what she is doing and explains in detail what she does, coming from the medical world and have practice Chinese medicine and western medicine as well I’ll continue to visit her as long as I have pain or stress. I’ll continue to see her for general well being. She also shares suite with a chiropractor which is also been reviewed here and will be visiting him as well lol. Parking is big and she will validate

Alejandra L. Los Angeles, CA

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