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Psoriasis is a frequently encountered chronic inflammatory dermal disease. The duration of this disease is long, and occurs mostly in young adults. The etiology and pathogenesis of this disease is still unknown and may be related to genetic, infective, and metabolic, endocrine, nervous, mental, and immmunological disturbance. In Chinese medicine this disease is called “Bai Pei” and “Song Pi Xian”. It is mostly caused by Blood Heat, Blood Dryness or Blood Stasis. If prolonged accumulation of blood heat is attacked by pathogeneic damp toxin simultaneously, it can cause complication of heat toxin mixed with dampness. If the meridians and collaterals are obstructed by exogenous wind, dampness and heat toxin, it can lead to joint affection.

Treatment based on Syndrome Differentiation:
-Blood Heat and Excessive Wind Syndrome -> tx: clear away heat, dissolve toxin, cool blood and expel wind; Formula: Tu Huai Drink
-Blood Deficiency and Wind Dryness Syndrome -> tx: nourish blood, replenish yin, expel wind and moisten dryness; Formula: Yang Xue Run Fu Drink
-Qi Stagnation and Blood Stasis Syndrome -> tx: promote qi flow, dissolve stagnation, activate blood and dredge collaterals; Formula: Tao Hong Si Wu Tang
-Syndrome of Dysfunction of Thoroughfare Vessel and Conception Vessel -> Replenish qi and blood, regulate Thoroughfare Vessel and Conception Vessel; Formula: Si Wu Tang
-Syndrome of Obstruction of Collaterals by Wind and Dampness -> tx: disperse wind, expel dampness, dissolve toxins and dredge collaterals; Formula: Duhuo Jisheng Tang
-Syndrome of Mixture of Heat-Toxin and Dampness -> tx: clear away heat, cool blood, dissolve toxin and remove dampness; Formula: Huanglian Jie DU Tang
-Excessive Heat-Toxin Syndrome -> tx: clear away fire, dissolve toxin, cool blood and protect yin; Formula: Qing Wen Bai Du Ying

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